frequently asked questions

How do I purchase a domain name from your inventory?  To purchase a specific domain name from our inventory, or to get information about a specific domain name in our inventory, enter the domain name into your browser, i.e., if the name that you are interested in is, you would enter the address into your browser. At that web address, you will find a temporary For Sale page for the domain name where you can purchase the name. Once you purchase the name, it will be under your complete control.

How do I sell my domain name(s)?  Send an email to Include the domain name(s) that you would like us to sell along with the minimum price that you will accept for each name. If we decide that we can sell your name(s) for at least your minimum price, we will send you a Consignment Agreement.

The Consignment Agreement will contain the necessary legal language to protect both of our interests, however three items are worth mentioning here:

1. We reserve the right to accept some names for consignment and reject others.

2. Our fee is negotiable but typically 15% of the price the name sells for.

3. All names accepted for consignment sale must be transferred to before our sales efforts begin. The transfer process takes 2 to 5 days depending on the current domain name Registrar. The Consignment Agreement will protect your ownership rights while the name is being sold. We've found this transfer process to be necessary to prevent direct contact and negotiations by potential buyers with the domain name owner, and it ensures a rapid transfer of the domain name to the buyer after the sale.